Recycling & boxes for handmade jewelry made from the USA

We started out our journey in 2017. I went down to the local dollar store and bought them out of the three pack jewelry boxes. Before I knew it, I was selling more and more jewelry. I had to start ordering my boxes from their site and had them delivered to the local dollar store for us to pick it up. I ordered two cases and when I went to check out, it would only allow me to pay for the shipping. I called customer support and they told me that they would no longer deliver to the store for me. I was in shock and didn't know what to do. It doubled my cost!

I then decided to check out our other options. I did find a supplier from the USA. We order in 2 cases (200 Boxes) at a time. They have been a great company to work with. As a business owner of rural Montana, many of you know, I have to order in most of my supplies. We used to have mail boxes everywhere....

I have never been a fan of the cotton in the jewelry boxes. The jewelry snags on it and I kept thinking of how we can make ours unique and different. I started to play around with a card board box. I cut it down for the perfect size, it was still not what I was looking for. I then started to peel one side of the cardboard box to give it a corrugated look. It still didn't have the look I was going for. I then started to burn the edges and the front of the cardboard. It gave it the rustic look I was going for. I noticed some of the ashes would slowly peel away from the cardboard. We added a sealer and that is what gives my boxes a unique and rustic look. 

We are in the process of purchasing a stamp of our logo to add to the boxes. These boxes are made with love and unique for any gift giving. We also include a snowflake jewelry bag for online purchases on our website.

Not only do we upcycle our jewelry, we also upcycle our boxes!