Labradorite Copper Horseshoe Nail Set

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Earrings & Necklace Set~

This necklace and earrings are made from new copper horseshoe nails. They are accented with genuine Labradorite beads and come packaged in a jewelry bag for easy gift giving. They come packaged in a box and ready to give as a gift.

Labradorite Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Physical Healing

Labradorite has a number of physical benefits that can be utilized by users, such as helping with infections such as respiratory problems and digestive difficulties.

This level of healing also applies to other disorders around the body, specifically focusing on alleviating discomfort.

For those who deal with menstrual cycles, this is a useful stone to utilize in helping deal with pain.

Emotional Healing

For those who deal with a brain that is constantly feeling overwhelmed and trapped within the cycles that perpetuate in their life, Labradorite is a very useful stone to use when looking to calm your emotions.

By introducing feelings of content and calming within people, it leaves the user open to different possibilities, increasing the probability of taking risks and going on adventures on a daily basis.

Labradorite also allows users to keep in touch with their unconscious mind, helping people confront elements of their thought processes that they may not be aware of.

For example, if you are having trouble making a decision because none of the options feel right, utilizing Labradorite in your daily meditation can help unearth subconscious feeling that you weren’t aware of that can ultimately bring clarity to your dilemma.