R•P .38 SPL + P Bullet Shell Earrings

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R•P .38 SPL + P bullet earrings. This an example of the pair you will receive.

I have most colors of Swarovski Crystals in stock. I only use Swarovski Crystals in my handmade bullet earrings. While there are cheaper options, the extra facets that Swarovski cuts into their pieces make a big difference, it adds a little more sparkle to your piece. If you don’t see a color, message us to see what is available. We just might have it on hand!

If you are looking for a simple metal look, then look no further. We added these ones to our collection for the ones who love the all metal look for their earrings. 

(These are from spent rounds & are made from actual bullet shells. They are not reproduction pieces.

They come with a comfort fit back. The Earring posts and backs are lead free & nickel free.

Each pair comes with boutique quality packaging.

So there is no confusion, I have several metals available in the bullet earrings but refer to them as their overall color:
“Gold” means gold toned and is actually polished brass
“Silver” means silver toned and is actually aluminum, steel or nickel polished to a high shine.