Sterling Silver Salt Ring ~ Spoon Ring - Montana Jewelry - SnoCap Designs

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Sterling Silver Salt Ring ~ Spoon Ring - Montana Jewelry - SnoCap Designs

These are one of our favorite pieces. We make this little ring out of a small sterling silver salt spoon. This ring looks best on a pinky or toe unless, you have small hands. We do have some people that wear this ring on their ring finger or middle finger. We can size it to what fits you best. 

My amazing husband is the one that has the talent for making these. He is doing such an amazing job and I'm so proud of him! We are about to add rivets to our designs. I'm excited to see the pop of color added to the spoon rings.  

We have most of our house packed up for the move to Great Falls. We are going to take the studio down last. My new studio has an amazing set up. There is even a spot where we can add a sink! Great things are coming our way. Couldn't do it without my best friend that I am lucky enough to call my husband.

Have a wonder week friends!

Danielle Munyan

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