Copper Wire Collection

This collection was made from old upcycled copper wire. We cut and grind the ends of the copper wire. We then add a light polish to the ends for a smooth finish. Lastly, we run them through the ring bend to give it the bend to fix directly to your wrist.

Some pieces have been ran through the rolling mill to give it the comfort fit you see on wedding rings today. (Single cuff bracelet & wire rings)

We also use vintage stainless steel spoons for the designs on some of our copper pieces.  

We do offer custom stamping on jewelry pieces, with an extra $10 charge. 

We can add a patina or clear protector to your copper piece for an extra $10

Adding a patina or a clear protector sealer on your item will wear off after time. They do however, hold up for a good amount of time. (Depending on wear, even the everyday wear holds strong) On our jewelry that we patina, we also use a sealer that is waxed based. It will be fine if it wears off, it just gives it an extra layer of protection. (Warm/Hot heat, including water is not recommended)

We make our bracelets with the “C” formation for a better fit around the wrist. 

From what I have been reading on the internet, it says that copper helps with blood circulation & pain. We are not doctors over here at SnoCap, so please check with your doctors on that one. If you do try copper out, we would love to hear your results!