Tea Spoon Cuff Bangle Bracelet

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This simple stackable cuff bracelet was handcrafted from a vintage silver plated Tea Spoon by manipulating the spoon by hand. This bracelet would make a lovely silver wedding gift or just to wear as your everyday bracelet.

The spoon-head has been cut off the spoon handle, we then grind &  polish the ends for a comfortable fit. The bracelet is worn as an individual or it would look lovely stacked with other bracelets. 

The spoon shows some signs of wear from the history of the spoon, it gives it it’s unique one-of-a-kind look & I feel it is what gives the bracelet it’s little charm.

OPENING: 1 1/2” (you can pull it open or close by hand to make it a better fit)

LENGTH: outside 5 1/2” & inside 5 1/8”

PATTERN: Unknown

YEAR: Unknown

METAL: Unknown-Silver plated (EPNS , electroplated).