1953 Revelation Tea Spoon Bangle Bracelet

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This Bracelet is made from a vintage tea spoon handle and has a detailed dainty florals on the end and throughout.

Bracelets are currently only offered in one-size. They are slightly adjustable for easy on and off.

These are open sided bangle bracelets. The handle is approximately 6 inches long, and wraps around the sides of the wrist.

Opening is 1 1/4 inch, you can open & close the bracelet for a  comfortable fit. 

These are a beautiful, unique accessory or gift and fit with so many different styles!

We hand-pick the best silverware pieces we can find for these beautiful jewelry pieces. Because they are all authentic vintage pieces, some minor scratches or dents may be present. We do our best to only use the cleanest, most undamaged pieces for your jewelry!