Vintage Spoon Ring Size 10

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π’π’π³πž: 10

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This ring is an authentic spoon ring (not a replica pewter ring from a mold) this ring is made from a vintage silver plated piece of flatware, so they are very durable and will last a lifetime!

The silverware rings we make are made with a unique process that helps the rings be very circular while also preventing surface scratches from the bending process. No heat is used, only leverage. Our process also allows us bend the very tip of the the thicker spoons so they are not flared out to catch on your other fingers.

Also, if you have a set of silverware that maybe you inherited from your grandparents or has sentimental value, you can send me the whole set & I can make the silverware into any of our designs. Anything from rings, to bracelets, to pendents, or anything else you may want! It’s a great way to keep the flatware in the family and spread it among all the family members in a meaningful way. If you would like to do this, please contact us.

* To add custom stamping to this order, please message us to see what stamps are available & to see if we have another spoon handle patterns on hand.